Tuesday, October 31, 2006


"I have my Bob Dylan mask on, I'm masquerading," Bob Dylan told the audience this way, in the Halloween Concert, in 1964 (1).

As years go by, maybe Dylan is still “masked” even if not “anonymous” at all, in spite of the title of one of his (poor) movies (2). Anyway, at the age of 65, the man is keeping on performing and producing new albums (3), careless of the criticism.

So, if you think he can still have something to give to your mind and soul, see you in the audience the next concert: maybe we will meet with our hair going grey, but you know what the man said once: “I was so much older than, I’m younger than that now”.


(1) Bob Dylan, The Bootleg Series vol.6, Concert At Philarmonic Hall, Sony Music

(2) Masked And Anonymous”, directed by Larry Charles, with Bob Dylan, Jessica Lange, Penelope Cruz

(3) Listen to “Modern Times”, the new Bob Dylan album !


Paolo Vites said...

nice photo, where i saw that pic already?

huh let me see... i think i disagree with about everything here...

1. Masked & Anonymous, despite Bob being not a good actor at all, is a (great) film

2. I think bob dylan is "criticism-free", since no musical writer in all the wide world have the nerve to criticize him anymore... Modern Times was labeled "work of a genius" by every review, and is enough that he walk on a stage for having "the greatest concert ever in the history of rock concerts"...

3. unfortunately i dont have grey hair coz i'm already mostly completely bald... and i dont think i will go to see a bob dylan concert anymore for the rest of my life...

apart from all of that... great blog! and happy halloween!

Paolo Vites said...

just checking

Fausto Leali said...

He He dear Paolo,
I know we have different views about Dylan's present state !
Anyway I think you'll be there the next show ....
See you soon