Sunday, November 12, 2006


The wolves of the Barrio, Los Lobos, are back, with a new excellent album: “The Town And The City”. Anyway, if you have the time, draw out from the shelf an album they recorded more than twenty years ago, “By The Light Of The Moon”.
I love especially this one: it is called “Tears of God

When it's up to you
To figure out what's right and wrong
It's someone else's parade
And yours is an unhappy song
When it hurts so bad
And you feel that you can't go on
Each day go by too fast
And the nights are so very long
You'll find out true
What mother said to you
That tears of god will show you the way
The way to turn
When your only escape
Is a cheap nickel wine
And the peace you need in your heart
Is so very hard to find
It's a stubborn life we lead
And there's never no rest
Trouble's out there looking for you
Even when you try your best
Hide not your head
The way to turn
Hear what he once said
He'll show you the way
For there is a world for you and me
Where the blind too can see
Through the tears of god
The Son of the Maker said
This is my cross to bear
Taking off of our shoulders
Something we should have shared

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Paolo Vites said...

great band - i dont have this one tho, thanx for the post